“A Call to Action: Moving Forward with the Governance of Artificial Intelligence in Canada” (Co-authored with Aviv Gaon, Adjunct Professor, IDC Herzliya, Israel). Forthcoming: Alberta Law Review, July 2019

“Human Germline Genome Editing is Illegal in Canada, But Could it be Desirable for Some Members of the Rare Disease Community?” (with Erika Kleiderman, Centre of Genomics and Policy, McGill University, Canada) – Journal of Community Genetics, August 2019.

“Everything under one roof: Canada’s evolving model of parliamentary ethics” Jindal Global Law ReviewApril 2018, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp 109–129. 

“Harnessing the Twittersphere: How using social media can benefit government ethics offices” Canadian Public Administration, Special Issue: Public Sector Ethics,  May 2018, Volume 61, Issue S1, pp 79-101.

“Honest Politics Now: What Ethical Conduct Means in Canadian Public Life”, Chapter 5: Ethics Commissions (Co-authored with Ian Greene), pp 124-153.

“Ethical Lawyering and Artificial Intelligence.” chapter in G. D’Agostino & C. Piovesan, eds., Leading Legal Disruption: Artificial Intelligence and a Toolkit for Lawyers and the Law (Thomson Reuters Canada) – (forthcoming 2020).

In Progress: 

From Clinic to Computer and Back Again: Practical Considerations When Designing and Implementing Machine Learning Solutions for Pediatrics” Current Treatment Options in Pediatrics (with Sujay Nagaraj, Vinyas Harish, Liam G McCoy; Felipe Morgado, Ian Stedman, Stephen Lu; Erik Drysdale, Michael Brudno, Devin Singh) – in review

How Can We Use Black Box A.I. Decision Support Tools in Clinical Healthcare? (co-authored with Professor Mike Brudno, Computer Science, University of Toronto).

Popular Academic / Op-ed

“It’s time to rethink what the medical profession considers a ‘rare disease’” (with Dr. Ashwin Seetharaman and Dr. Kristin Kantautas), The Conversation, 27 February 2019.



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