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I am an Ontario lawyer, with a strong background in ethics, who is currently completing a PhD at Osgoode Hall Law School. My doctoral project is a close examination of Canada’s parliamentary ethics laws.

I have been consulted about conflicts of interest, campaign finance, municipal elections and lobbying laws. I have also co-authored a chapter on ethics commissions that is included in the 2017 book “Honest Politics Now: What Ethical Conduct Means in Canadian Public Life.”

My broader research agenda similarly explores the interaction between law, ethics, and public policy in relation to subjects that have huge social justice implications. Specifically, I am looking at concerns about artificial intelligence and algorithmic transparency; Canada’s regulatory response to the advancement of research using genetic engineering technology (e.g. CRISPR); international comparative rare disease policy; and (in an emerging area of interest) accountability mechanisms in Indigenous systems of government.

My teaching interests include: Public Law, Legal Ethics, Health Law, Legal Process, and Jurisprudence. My strength in these areas has allowed me to teach courses in law, political science and philosophy.

In addition to my legal background, I am also a rare disease patient and advocate.  I dedicate much of my time to raising awareness about the challenges of diagnosis and treatment for those suffering from rare disorders. I am a legal member of the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) Research Ethics Board, serve on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders (CORD), am a member of Government of Ontario’s Rare Disease Implementation Plan Steering Committee and am a member of Rare Disease International (RDI)’s Working Group on Research. RDI represents the global rare disease patient community on board the NGO Committee for Rare Diseases, established under the Conference of NGOs, which has consultative status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

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